GuestHouse La Locanda dell'Accademia | Italian school for


CENTRO ITALIANO, per stranieri
piazza d’Azeglio,20

The classrooms in Centro Italiano are located in a historic building in the nineteenth-century tree-lined Piazza D’Azeglio. Just a couple of minutes’ walk away is the S. Ambrogio district with its antique food stalls and flea market. It’s an area which has maintained its identity with mainly Florentine residents, off the track of mass tourism. Little shops, artisan’s workshops, coffee shops, restaurants and theaters make this part of Florence particularly pleasant and lively. Not far away are Piazza Santa Croce, the Duomo, the University and some of the most important museums in the city.The area is on most bus routes making it easy to reach other parts of the city quickly and easily.
The school premises include spacious airy, classrooms, an internet point, a free Internet connection and a peaceful garden.

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