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Florence is the birthplace of the ice cream and sweets,
They have a long and rich history of goodies.
Let me point out some place to go with the little ones close to our B & B La Locanda dell’Accademia:

Sweet Lab
Via the Macci, 38

About Me: I like to call the sweet lab cafe as a homemade pastry art, a small tea room, a sitting room of the house, an intimate place where you can take a break and enjoy pastries made with love ??. Sara and Francesca, one day, they shared in front of a large slice of apple pie with cinnamon, an idea, a project, a dream … to open the lab sweet cafe.
ORGANIZE also pastry courses for children!

Cuddles Chocolate
Via Ginori, 55 r

Cuddles Chocolate began his adventure in March 2009 near the district of San Lorenzo, in the center of Florence, on the initiative of young chocolatier David Bellotti. The intent is to match an elegant and comfortable with a tasting of what we produced in the lab behind it, is based on the use of raw materials of high quality, passion and perseverance. The tradition is respected only to be renewed in an unusual combination of tastes and aromas, the result of creativity and reflection on the part of those who work “behind the scenes”, and the participation of a staff attentive friendly and enthusiastic.

Arà is Sicily
Via degli Alfani

From Sicily ice cream that is unique in Florence!

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