GuestHouse La Locanda dell'Accademia | The ceramics of CooperaViative Le Rose


In B&B La Locanda dell’Accademia will find moving objects coming from different realities in Tuscany, but also over
that we will present in this special section “Moving objects”.

The Ceramics Cooperative Roses are among the objects dearest to us, that you can buy in a variety of markets and shops in Florence,
if you are interested please send mail to the cooperative to:

PRESENTATION: The cooperative Le Rose has a long experience in the world of disability, is pursuing an experiment using innovative techniques with dynamic methods and creativi.È an educational center, educational and cultural, is presented as a green space and welcoming place where nature and art meet and complete.
In the workshops, which are workshops, shops, workshops, outdoor classrooms, stables, horse finds himself in an atmosphere of serenity which expresses themselves, their attitudes and abilities, are used not only by the children who attend the cooperative also from schools, from trainees from different disciplines, by volunteers and Externally.
Any manual activity, mobility, cultural, recreational is inserted in a path which is an active participant.
The primary purpose is to enhance the potential present in each, with the use of different languages ​​and appropriate strategies, both educational and didactic, to acquire skills and competencies for a real step towards personal autonomy, for a participation in social life.

They are located in: Via Quintole for Rose 155, Tavarnuzze

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